The Boyfriend Background Check


Celebs started the trend for pre-marital background checks moving into the realm of the first three months – Britney Spears reportedly asked her new boyfriend Dave to sign a confidentiality agreement and pass a background check before taking their relationship further. But what are private investigators looking for? When conducting a pre-marital background check, we verify Identity, Address, Financial Stability, Employment, Property, Marital Status, and Moral Character. Some people think that it’s paranoid. I think it’s crazy that some people do less research on the history of a person we let into our homes (and vaginas) than the condition of a used purse on Ebay.

The Donald and the Queen of Versailles?

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Queen of Versailles star Jackie Siegel may now be married to timeshare mogul David Siegel, but recently admitted that she went on a few dates with Donald Trump.’We just went out a couple times,’ Mrs Siegel tells HuffPost Live. ‘Like, he invited us to Mar-a-Lago and go to his parties and things like that. He’s a really great person. So much charisma.’ [. . .]

The permanent plump pout

Plastic surgeons have reported that more and more women are going under the knife for permanent lip implants.While fillers like Restylane and Juvederm only last a few months, the implants made of silicone or Goretex offer a long-term solution for a plumper pout. According to the New York Daily News, they are popular among patients who have tried injectables and decided that they don’t want their lips to deflate. [. . .]

Plastic surgery decoded


What does ‘I haven’t had any work done’ really mean? Dolly Parton once famously said ‘there’s a reason the Hollywood Hills are in the same part of the country as Silicon Valley’. But in an era where laser hair removal is considered a part of everyday grooming, ‘I haven’t had plastic surgery’, seems to translate to ‘I’ve never sliced into my face’. For most people Botox, fillers and laser treatments don’t count. [. . .]

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