November 14, 2011 catherinetownsend

Why I’m Glad I’m Not ‘Wife Material’

I don’t have that much in common with Pippa Middleton – my sister isn’t royalty and my ass doesn’t have its own Facebook page – but I HAVE been dumped by an insecure British man because I wasn’t ‘wife material’. Not that you need any advice, but Pippa, you can do better. I found that I was MUCH happier being single than having to constantly tone myself down in order to appease an insecure man.

Eventually, I met someone who loved me as I am and celebrated all my successes instead of trying to transform me into a Stepford wife!

And I’ve also found that the type of men who dump women for not being ‘wife material’ are the type of men whose Madonna/whore complex means that they usually want one of each–a girlfriend AND a wife–at the same time!

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  1. ken hughes

    Well, nice to hear you’ve met someone nice at last Catherine.

    Guess I’ll miss the thought of you being single!

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