February 14, 2012 catherinetownsend

Top 5 Solo Activities For V-Day (That Don’t Require Batteries!)

1. Give cards (and e-cards) to friends. Remember when you were a kid in school and everyone got a Valentine? (Except me; because the popular kids called me Alien Girl I got one with little green men that said Take Me To Your Leader!) It’s nice to make people feel special. Since when is romantic love the only kind?

2. Have a spa day. If the spa offers a couples massage special, ask if they can substitute four hand massage. It’s not as dirty as it sounds.

3. Flirt. If someone is out alone tonight, they are probably single.

4. Buy something nice. For yourself…because you don’t have to blow your budget on jacked-up flowers and candy!

5. Ignore it. In Australia, it’s already February 15th.

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