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RAZOR RESIDENCEWhen I clicked on this ad for a 38-year-old ‘Young Successful Sugar Daddy’ in San Clemente seeking a ‘younger female for discreet friendship and some XXX fun’, I immediately thought that the picture of his home looked familiar. It turned out that I had seen the house before – in the movie Iron Man!

After a few clicks through the trusty Google Images search, I saw that his house is actually the Razor residence, the palatial 11,000 square foot home in La Jolla that was reportedly the inspiration for Tony Stark’s pad in Iron Man. So far construction costs have come to over $34 million.

Here is more info and pictures of the home via Miss Swiss.

The home Architectural Digest named Wallace E Cunningham is one of the top 100 designers; one look at the Razor residence and you’ll see why. Razor sits on a hilltop that just so happens to be above Torrey Pines State Reserve, a coastal state park.




If you are a woman in your 20’s who still wants to take a chance, our Craigslist Romeo has a few requests: 
1) I’m not into drama – you shouldn’t be either.2) you don’t have to be the sexiest in the world as long as your fit and take care of yourself3) please don’t wast my time if your not serious4) reply with a picture and bit about yourself otherwise sorry you won’t get a response

5) mention your birth year in the subject line, so I know your for real and not the millions of camgirls and spammers

6) must have a personality

7) Don’t waste your time if your a pro… I wasn’t born yesterday

8) I am only looking for one clean gal..not looking to sleep around

Oh, and he would ‘like to get to know someone first through email exchanges’. . . so don’t ask to see his house! 


Case Study: Prince Charming

Girls grow up dreaming about finding their Prince Charming, but taking an adult look at our favorite fairy tales illustrates the importance of a pre-marital background check. As an investigator I need to verify (at a minimum) identity, marital status, financial information, and moral character for my client, Cinderella. How much does she know about her knight in shining armor? And what really happens to princesses after they ride off into the sunset?

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imagesI recently had the opportunity to sit in on a lecture by Sheila Lowe, forensic handwriting analyst. In addition to learning that my handwriting ranks somewhere between Elvis Presley and a serial killer, I also found out a lot about graphology. Can handwriting really be used for accurately analyzing personality as well as finding forgeries?

1. Handwriting is about space, form and movement – and not everything means something. 

Sheila uses the gestalt method – or ‘wholistic’ approach, meaning that she looks at the sample as a whole. This is different than the ‘personality traits’ method in which each characteristic is analyzed individually – for example, saying that the height of a certain letter indicates aggression.

2. Handwriting is a reflection of the energy happening inside of us – and sometimes, the results can be surprising. 

We all wear social masks, and handwriting supposedly gets to the inner core energy. And our ‘core’ personality doesn’t always reflect what’s on the surface – for example, Ms Lowe says that she was surprised that Angelina Jolie’s handwriting is ‘simplistic’ and reflective of a person who is under pressure and wants to protect herself. This flies in the face of her public image, where she does her own stunts, flies planes and bucks social conventions.

3. Handwriting can change.

Our handwriting may look different at different times, depending on how stressed we are or what is going on in our lives. As we mature or go through life changes, some of us have handwriting that develops or evolve to a more ordered  style, with a more measured use of space – while others, like Miley Cyrus, stay the same.

4. The white space is just as important as the letters. 

Many people focus on the letters, but Sheila explained that space is actually the most important part of handwriting. Space is also the most unconscious aspect of handwriting – and how much space we take up on the page supposedly represents our boundaries. The higher the letters, the bigger our ego –  while width represents our core self-esteem. Space on the page is a reflection of how much space we feel we deserve to take up in the world. Smushing letters together – like Casey Anthony – reflects disturbed space, and a short fuse.

5. Strong form doesn’t necessarily mean neat – and ‘disturbed’ handwriting isn’t just for serial killers. 

Actually, ‘strong form’ – which reflects self-confidence – can be messy and unconventional. Ms Lowe defines ‘weak form’ as the flowery cursive that we learned in school.  The movement is where we see balance in the writing, and weak movement indicates rigid, conventional thought patterns. She added that left-handed men have the worst writing of all. ‘Disturbed’ handwriting – where the words fall apart and have extreme variability (like my habit of putting block capitals in the middle of words!) supposedly means that I’m over emotional with no self-control and can’t stick to choices.

I think that this is absolutely ridiculous and I’m going to call her up right now and give her a piece of my mind! Then again, maybe I should just have a cup of coffee and calm down. 🙂


In the early 90s I was a Twin Peaks freak. . . and secretly in love with Special Agent Dale Cooper (Kyle MacLachlan), the quirky FBI agent who comes to town to investigate the murder of Laura Palmer. Granted, most detectives don’t have the benefit of psychic dreams featuring a backwards-talking midget to help solve cases. But there is a lot that investigators can learn from the (sadly) fictional Agent Cooper’s unconventional methods.  Read more

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