What makes ‘The Perfect Man’? He’s well-educated, successful at 40, doesn’t get drunk and is probably a doctor

A new poll claims to reveal the perfect man: He’s a 40-year-old, successful moderate drinking doctor who looks like Patrick Dempsey. The survey was conducted by 60 Minutes/Vanity Fair and asked 1,168 adults nationwide about the qualities they believe are important in a mate.Top of the list was education, with 35per cent ranking it a young man’s most important priority as he matures. This is followed closely by becoming a hard worker and a gentleman, at 28 and 27per cent respectively. Only one per cent picked ‘athlete’ as a top priority. Read more

News Flash: Women lie about how many people they’ve slept with!!

I’m writing a piece for this week’s Grazia debate about a new survey that says a third of women lie about how many people they’ve slept with...frankly, I’m surprised that the number is so low! That old ‘women halve their number and men double it’ chestnut has become a catch phrase for a reason, right? My larger question: Why are we still so obsessed with ‘the number’, when it’s totally meaningless, and WE KNOW that everyone lies? Why do we still care??

I genuinely can’t remember. But I know that some of my female friends get seriously creative with math when they are trying to lower their number. One of my girlfriends says that since her guy friends ‘don’t count’ prostitutes, she removes anyone who lasted under three seconds from her ‘master list’.

I’ve had surreal conversations where ‘unreciprocated oral sex guy’ , ‘anyone whose last name you can’t remember’, and ‘men on different continents’ have all been erased from existence. As long as people keep asking and dinner dates devolve into erotic arms races, our fascination with people’s sexual pasts will probably continue! 🙂

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