Treat His Apartment Like a Crime Scene


Part Two: The Kitchen

If a guy doesn’t have female roommates or visitors, chick condiments are another red flag. Unless he’s a health nut, why is he filling his grocery bag with Splenda, fat-free yogurt and rice cakes? When observing toiletries, use common sense. A lone tampon could be for his sister, but pregnancy tests in bulk are usually a bad sign.

My 25 Relationship Resolutions for 2013 on

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We’ve all been here before: We start the year with the best of intentions to lose weight, save money, or stop drinking, only to start February on the couch with champagne and cupcakes. Resolving to improve our relationships in little ways, however, is more realistic than we think. Below are 25 of them—whether we’re single, dating, or deeply committed. Read more

If you want to cheat, don’t lie about it.

Another day, another Radio Five Live debate after a social scientist writes that affairs are good for marriages. Is she right? Should we adopt a more ‘French’ approach?  I think that a debate on monogamy is long overdue. Like our ancestors the bonobos, monogamy is not the most natural state for humans. I believe that open marriages and ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ policies are fine…if both people are on the same page. Read more

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