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Catfish-proofing your profile

Another day; another excuse to break out the popcorn and watch yet another Dr Phil show about a mother who tried online dating and is clearly being scammed by a catfish. I’ve written before that these cases only represent the tip of the iceberg – and while, as family members, our instinct may be to grab the person, shake them and scream ‘You can’t handle the truth!’ like Jack Nicholson in A Few Good Men, I’m going to focus on how we can help them – and ourselves – catfish-proof online dating profiles. I think that online dating can be great. . . as long as you use caution and limit the pool of eligible singles to people who actually exist.  Read more


  • MEDICINE CABINET: Will you be pleasantly surprised by-extra large condoms or shocked by STD prescriptions?  Players often stock multiple packs of toothbrushes.
  • BATHROOM: Anyone can dust, but a shower free of mold and hair is a true sign of cleanliness.
  • KITCHEN: Unless he’s a health nut, Splenda, fat-free yogurt and lots of salad could be red flags.
  • UNDER THE BED: This is where people stash everything dirty before dates.
  • CONTEXT: Feminine hygiene products or lipstick on dirty cups make sense if the guy has a female roommate or visitor.

From what he chooses as wall art to where he puts his workout equipment, a series of experts have explained what signs to look for when decoding single male decor. Interior designer Meg Caswell tells Glo that a bare mattress is an obvious bad sign in the bedroom, because it means that he’s rarely home and, more importantly, ‘sheets are never changed’. But the man living in a perfectly-styled apartment with a bed made so tightly that quarters would bounce ‘is probably the kind of guy who walks into a bar and can pinpoint the women he wants to go out with right away’. Read more

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