The White Middle Class Girl’s Guide to Prison: My interview with Orange is the New Black Author Piper Kerman

Orange is the New Black author Piper Kerman says her time behind bars taught her that justice in America depends on income and skin color. Ms Kerman’s memoir about her stint in federal prison between 2003 and 2004 is now a hit Netflix series starring Taylor Schilling, Laura Prepon and Jason Biggs.

‘My time in the US criminal justice system made very real to me the huge inequality amongst Americans,’ Ms Kerman said in a new interview with MailOnline.

‘I think that I had to discover and rely on my best self to survive the prison system,’ Ms Kerman said. After wondering if she would ‘be pegged the snotty rich bitch’ after seeing ‘very West Side story’ dorms with names like¬† ‘The Suburbs’, ‘The Ghetto’ and ‘Spanish Harlem’, she quickly figured out that her best chance of survival was learning to fit in. Read more

Prisoners: The Ultimate Bad Boys?


Convicted murderer Joran van der Sloot may or may not be a father soon but he does have a girlfriend. And he gets conjugal visits. So what they hell is she thinking? I have a few theories, but none of them make dating a prisoner any less insane.

1. Prisoners are the ultimate ‘safe’ bad boys. Women who need to feel needed believe that they can ‘tame’ them and see their softer side. At least, as long as there is a guard with bear mace within spitting distance.

2. They believe that a guy in a cage is better than no guy at all. These women are passive commitment-phobes who don’t want a ‘real’ relationship. Maybe they have been burned in the past, cheated on, or abused. It’s like looking at the lion in the zoo–a safe way to experience intensity.¬† Read more

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