Surveillance Survival Guide: Top 5 Makeup Must-haves

in carbar at night

We all know that gritty detective work can involve long hours in a hot car. But the combination of the California sunshine and a nightly Retin A regime mean that I’ve had to get serious about sun protection while on surveillance. So I needed to find products that will work overtime, from sitting under the blazing sun on the freeway in the morning to giving me a glow for events and nights out. By the way I also layer sunscreen on my hands  – I figure that it’s a better way to fight the signs of aging than fingerless gloves.  Read more


An addition to my piece in the Daily Mail today about makeup that’s meant to be worn overnight…for those of us who fail to plan ahead  [. . .]

  • Vaseline works as an eye makeup remover, lip gloss, and hair split end sealer
  • Use a matchbook as a nail file
  • Kool Aid or red Gatorade can turn into lip/cheek stain
  • Hydrogen peroxide can be used  as mouthwash in a pinch (just don’t swallow!)
  • Olive oil doubles as face cream
  • No ponytail holder? Try dental floss

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