Please Stop Talking About Your Wedding. Because No One Cares.

I’m more than willing to share the love on your special day. But after reading yet another story about the rising cost of being a bridesmaid, it’s time for a reality check.Look, I think it’s great that you are entering the Vatican in a horse-drawn carriage covered with Swarovski crystals. But I would still rather stab myself through the hand with a fork than discuss your invitation fonts.   Read more

What happens AFTER ‘happily ever after’?


Women learn in fairy tales that to land the man, they have to suffer. The Little Mermaid gave up her voice to stalk some guy she barely knew (and in the original version, died and was turned into sea foam!), Snow White was in a coma surrounded by necrophiliac dwarves, and Sleeping Beauty was poisoned. They rode off into the sunset…but then what happened?

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