Should ambitious women marry older men?

Often, stories about massive age gaps feature pictures of of Ronnie Wood or Hugh Hefner holding hands with women young enough to be their daughters. But I  was attracted to successful, charismatic, ambitious men whom I considered my peers and went through dozens of ‘Mr. Bigs’. The ones I would consider setting up home with often didn’t consider me wife material.The men I dated either became competitive professionally or expected me to have a more traditional, stay-at-home role.’[. . .]

Catfishing 101

Boy meets girl online. Boy can’t get together for dates, ever, but he has a plausible excuse. He’s stranded in Nigeria where his oil rig exploded. He’s waiting for his inheritance. He has a hook for a hand. Girl wires huge amounts of money before realizing she’s been screwed. As a relationship writer and private investigator in training, I sadly see this scenario play out every day.  Deadspin reported that Notre Dame senior linebacker Manti T’eo may have been the victim of an Internet ‘catfish’. After it emerged that the ‘girlfriend’ who supposedly had cancer and died never really existed at all, he released a statement claiming he was the “victim of what was apparently someone’s sick joke and constant lies.” But he’s just the tip of the iceberg. Read more

Got Dumped? Defriend.

A new study says that we’re risking psychological damage if we Facebook stalk our exes. I admit; I’m a former Facebook stalker. After several bad breakups, I’ve learned to hit the ‘unfriend’ button immediately and get over things the far more emotionally healthy way: By pretending that my ex is dead for a minimum of six months. When I’ve broken this rule in the past, the results have never been good. Many of my friends have the same issue: We KNOW logically that we should cut off all contact, so why is the urge to stalk so strong? Read more

Don’t Poke Me: Why I’m Not Facebook Friends With My Fiancé

America's most violent small town

People are always shocked when I tell them that I’m not Facebook friends with my fiancé. Especially since he’s a music industry executive with more than 1,500 female ‘connections’. I’m possibly the only women in L.A. who’s NOT linked to his page. But I don’t want to post sweet nothings on his wall. I don’t want to read messages from scantily-clad women named Bambi who want to ‘hit him up’ for drinks.   Read more

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