Will random Facebook stalking become the new drunk dialing?


From my test drive of Facebook’s new Graph Search feature: ‘One Facebook executive used finding a spicy meal in San Francisco as an example search.Seriously? If I want barbecued rib recommendations I can go to Yelp. I wanted help with a much more elusive query: “Where are the single men in Manhattan?” [. . .]

Got Dumped? Defriend.

A new study says that we’re risking psychological damage if we Facebook stalk our exes. I admit; I’m a former Facebook stalker. After several bad breakups, I’ve learned to hit the ‘unfriend’ button immediately and get over things the far more emotionally healthy way: By pretending that my ex is dead for a minimum of six months. When I’ve broken this rule in the past, the results have never been good. Many of my friends have the same issue: We KNOW logically that we should cut off all contact, so why is the urge to stalk so strong? Read more

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