I’m face blind, not a space cadet

The New Yorker has a fabulous article this week about face blindness, which is a condition that I’ve suffered from for years but only recently figured out. Technically it’s called prosopagnosia, and it’s the inability to recognize faces, even when sight is normal. Mine isn’t as severe as the man in the article, who sometimes can’t recognize his own assistant, but I definitely have huge issues with people I haven’t seen SEVERAL times in rapid succession.

And if someone is out of context, I blank them. Dating can be a challenge, especially on second or third dates with guys of average height who are wearing suits in a dark restaurant. I’ve developed strategies to cope: I’ll always be early, and text from the bar while pretending to be immersed in my iPhone Sudoku application so he’s forced to tap me on the shoulder. Though once I did blank a guy I’d supposedly had sex with, so it’s not a perfect system! Read more

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