Sleeping with the enemy: A PI’s take on ‘The Stepfather’

Now that I’m gearing up for Halloween, I have horror movies on almost every night. Last night was ‘The Stepfather’, the 1987 classic starring Terry O’ Quinn as the ‘too good to be true’ man with old-fashioned values who marries lonely divorcees in search of the ‘perfect family’, then inevitably kills them when things go wrong. The scariest part? There are several true-to-life scenes in every one of these movies that I see constantly as a private investigator.  Read more

Marital Status

Private investigators verify marital status when conducting a background check. For many people on the dating scene, “are you married” unfortunately isn’t a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ question. Because marriage records are handled at the county level, finding them can take a fair bit of digging around. Here are some tips to get you started. Read more

Happy National Breakup Month

Russell Brand and Katy Perry filed for divorce…and while media outlets may be surprised by the timing, I’m not. R+K are, sadly, another casualty of National Breakup Month.My parents separated on New Year’s Eve, and according to legal professionals more people file for divorce in January in the US and UK than any other time of year. I’ve been the victim of the PhD (pre or post-holiday dumpers), the turkey drop, or the slow fadeout after someone re-gifted me a scented candle more than once, so I feel their pain. Holiday breakups used to make me feel like a walking Wham lyric, so I’ve adopted the following five strategies over the years for being single in January: Read more

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