Relationship ‘Blind Spots’

Even if a surveillance is perfectly planned, there is always the danger of a ‘blind spot’: The unexpected moving van, the gardener or the lost tourist who blocks my view. Relationships have blind spots too, and it’s almost always hardest to see your own. That’s where I come in!

Life lessons from bad horror movies: Stepfather II

Watching a re-run of Stepfather II (I’m a sucker for late-night horror fests!), I can’t help but use my new detective school skills to analyze the female characters. Would I have seen the signs BEFORE agreeing to marry a serial killer? I think so, because the red flags were pretty obvious.

1) They get engaged within weeks of meeting, and within days of her ex-husband mysteriously disappearing (and her new man was the last one to see him alive!)

2) He has no friends or family…and she never asks him about it. Of course her one smart and well-meaning girlfriend, who points this out, asking questions like “How well do you really know Gene?” and “None of his friends or family are coming to the wedding?” is dismissed as jealous. Read more

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