A number of women across the country have listed their positive pregnancy tests for sale on Craigslist – and there is no shortage of motivated buyers. One expectant mother in the Buffalo, New York area is selling her used sticks for $25 each, The Daily Dot reports. Another New Jersey mom writes: ‘Wanna get your boyfriend to finally pop the question? Play a trick on mom, dad or one of your friends?  Read more

Every call you take, I’ll be watching you: The Truth About Stalker Apps

Spyware that works via GPS is marketed as a way to keep children safe or find lost phones, but a growing number of apps claim users can conduct NSA-level surveillance for less than a cup of coffee. There are now apps available that allow you to read a partner’s text messages, listen in on calls, and check calendars. Some even remotely turn on a microphone so users can listen in to what their lover is doing at any time. [. . .]

50 Shades of Sears? Chain pulls bondage gear from website

sears article bondage gearsears-bondage-gear

Sears has pulled bondage gear from its website after an image of a man wearing a leather harness was widely circulated online. Some customers were shocked that the retail chain best known for auto parts and appliances  featured erotic accessories on its Elegant Moments page. But many of the raciest items for men – including the leather collar with chains ($17.59) and the 4 Piece Adjustable Harness ($55.99) – have been removed from the website. Others were disappearing at a rapid rate at press time. [. . .]


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