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Surveillance Survival Guide: Top 5 Makeup Must-haves

in carbar at night

We all know that gritty detective work can involve long hours in a hot car. But the combination of the California sunshine and a nightly Retin A regime mean that I’ve had to get serious about sun protection while on surveillance. So I needed to find products that will work overtime, from sitting under the blazing sun on the freeway in the morning to giving me a glow for events and nights out. By the way I also layer sunscreen on my hands  – I figure that it’s a better way to fight the signs of aging than fingerless gloves. 

1.Peter Thomas Roth Instant Mineral Powder SPF 45
Reading the reviews on Sephora it’s clear that this one is like Marmite – most people either love or hate it.

The reason it’s in my Holy Grail of makeup products? It’s a mineral sunscreen that contains titanium dioxide and zinc oxide (I’m trying to wean myself off of chemical sunscreens, but the mineral only ones have a tendency to get chalky).

It has a slightly yellow/nude tint, so brightens skin, and is super easy to apply/touch up sun protection once my AM makeup has melted off. My one complaint is the applicator: It does take some getting used to so that I don’t dump yellow powder into my lap. But I still can’t live without it!

2. Sunday Riley Start Over Eye Cream
Spending $90 on an eye cream would have seemed insane six months ago. . . but after a period of long hours + horrible insomnia, I now consider this a valuable investment.

It’s formulated with ingredients like Vitamin C Ester and licorice – and sometimes my eyes burn the first few seconds after I put it in, but that goes away as it’s absorbed quickly. It’s like I can feel it squeezing out the puffiness, and dark circles really do go away.

The glass packaging mean it’s not exactly convenient to carry in my car, but I can put it on at night and look bright-eyed and bushy-tailed on two hours of sleep and five tequila shots. This, to me, is priceless.

3. Dr. Murad Oil Control Mattifier SPF 15

Since I have fair, sensitive and slightly dry skin I don’t need an oil control product  year-round, but it’s a lifesaver on those days when I am sitting in a hot car, having turned off the A/C as not to arouse suspicion and kill my battery. It moisturizes just enough and really helps keep the shine out of that dreaded T-zone area.

 4. Dr Jart+ Premium Beauty Balm SPF 45 

I was late to the BB party – by the time I figured out what they were the beauty industry had already moved onto ‘DD’. Billed as a ‘moisturizer, sunscreen,and treatment serum’, this product has changed my life and within a week been filed in the ‘if he ever stops making it I’ll start hoarding’ category.

It really does what it says on the bottle – evens out skin tone, moisturizes, provides sun protection, brightens up my eye area and has this amazing texture.

It’s moisturizing like a serum, but semi-sheer so that the universal shade melts into my skin perfectly. When I wear this during the day, I can skip foundation, and at night it brightens and gives me a great base for makeup.

5. Boots No. 7 Quick-Thinking Wipes 

It was a sad day when I left London for many reasons, but missing the Boots No 7 drugstore range was high on the list. I was incredibly excited to see these at Target, priced at just $6.99.

They are hypo-allergenic, fragrance free, just moist enough to get the job done without leaving greasy residue, and very portable.

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