May 10, 2011 catherinetownsend

Love Scams


Today at Detective School the lesson of the day was Con Games. From the basic Ponzi scheme (the precursor to the Bernie Madoffs of the world) to old-school cons like the the Jamaican Money Box, The Pig in the Poke and my personal favorite, the Love Potion Scam to super-high tech scams like smishing, skimming and Internet cons, the basic rules of stay the same:

1) Con artists prey on basic human emotions: Greed, fear, and love. Then, once someone gets scammed they are often too afraid to report the crime because they don’t want to admit to their own stupidity!

2) “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.”  This is especially true when someone gets conned in the game of love. If your date claims to be a heart surgeon/rocket scientist/multimillionaire, check him out…before your life turns into a Lifetime movie!

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  1. Sure, there are a lot of trolls and the rest of humanity pays the price. There are some pretty decent warlocks out there but you have to know them when your see them.

    As for Love Potion, You should test real quality pheromones and wear it around all day. I bet you get too much attention. Try releasing pheromones and watching the change in personality. As far as a love potion goes, that one will get you in trouble.

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