November 30, 2011 catherinetownsend

Five Days More Important Than My Wedding Day (In No Particular Order!)

Today I’m in the Los Angeles studio of BBC’s Radio Five Live, debating whether it is okay to be single, partially in response to Kate Bolick’s article in The Atlantic (this question seemingly only applies to women since I don’t see anyone asking George Clooney if he’s worried about his status!) It’s crazy that we put so much emphasis as a society on marriage as an accomplishment. I recently got engaged and everyone keeps congratulating me on ‘the most important day of my life’. Call me crazy, but while I love my boyfriend very much, there are several days that will outrank my wedding day.

They include, in no particular order:

1) The Day My First Book Got Published

2) The Day I Lost My Virginity My First Orgasm

3) The Day Said Book Reached Bestseller List

4) The Day I Met My Boyfriend

5) The Day I Bought My First House

If I ever have children, I’m sure I’ll have to start a totally separate list. Is it weird that I’m just not that into weddings (well, except for the open bar?)

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