March 15, 2011 catherinetownsend

Hate Mail


There are a few rules in life. Never get involved in a land war in Asia, never go against a Sicilian when death is on the line – and never, ever read your own hate mail. The first time I broke this rule, I cried. But now I’ve developed a much thicker skin – I’ve honed my ‘tough bitch’ side to go along with ‘sensitive girl’ and ‘sex kitten’. Your  hateful email gave me two articles and countless great cocktail party moments. I actually mentioned it on my first date with my boyfriend, and we laughed about it, which gave me the perfect excuse to move in for a kiss. In the same way that my worst break-up gave me a bestseller, my most heinous piece of hate mail made me stronger.

So, to the misogynistic basement-dweller: Thank you. Thank you for being such a dick.


Catherine Townsend

PS Charles Darwin would doubtless have turned in his grave if he could see how you mangled his evolutionary theory.

HIS ORIGINAL EMAIL: You, my dear, are what is known as a fling. Sperm is cheap, so there is no reason why a man would pass up the opportunity to have sex with a slut — but he would never marry her. Men will read your articles and run a mile.

MY RESPONSE:  If anything, female promiscuity encourages survival of the fittest, do some research on sperm competition — you misogynistic wanker.




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