February 25, 2012 catherinetownsend

Dating Red Flag #101: The Dead Ex-Girlfriend Tattoo

As a commitment phobe, I’m slightly obsessed with tattoos. I love the look of good art, but I am afraid of picking one design and having to live with it for the rest of my life. I’ve blogged in the past about why getting someone’s face or name is a really bad idea, but a contestant on the new reality show Inkmaster took it to the next level by getting a huge pop art tattoo of his ex-girlfriend’s face.They were together for six months–two years ago. Wow. I thought that no one could be this crazy, but then I Googled ‘ex girlfriend tattoo’ and came up with…a tattoo of a decomposing past paramour inked on a man’s arm. At least there is one upside: I can’t think of a more obvious sign to run screaming in the other direction on a first date.


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