Case Study: The Fake Doctor

My client, ‘Amy’, believed that she had found her very own Dr McDreamy: A handsome, wealthy and well-educated doctor who adored her – and was talking marriage within weeks. Amy is beautiful, intelligent and at the top of her game in her career – but being too trusting in her private life has gotten her burned in the past. When she invited me to be her ‘wingwoman’ and tag along on a group date, I had the perfect opportunity to spot red flags.  Read more

Surveillance Survival Guide: Top 5 Makeup Must-haves

in carbar at night

We all know that gritty detective work can involve long hours in a hot car. But the combination of the California sunshine and a nightly Retin A regime mean that I’ve had to get serious about sun protection while on surveillance. So I needed to find products that will work overtime, from sitting under the blazing sun on the freeway in the morning to giving me a glow for events and nights out. By the way I also layer sunscreen on my hands  – I figure that it’s a better way to fight the signs of aging than fingerless gloves.  Read more

Confessions from the Blow-dry bar

WOMEN WHO SPILL THEIR GUTS IN THE CHAIR BEWARE: A stylist at one of New York’s leading blow-dry bars has revealed that for many of his clients, the blow-dry bar washes away their dirty secrets. ‘I get women ready for dates – and I get them ready to go back to their husbands,’ Gregory Patterson tells Allure magazine. He says he can easily spot the 7am clients making a pit stop during walks of shame. Read more

Every call you take, I’ll be watching you: The Truth About Stalker Apps

Spyware that works via GPS is marketed as a way to keep children safe or find lost phones, but a growing number of apps claim users can conduct NSA-level surveillance for less than a cup of coffee. There are now apps available that allow you to read a partner’s text messages, listen in on calls, and check calendars. Some even remotely turn on a microphone so users can listen in to what their lover is doing at any time. [. . .]

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