Scientific proof that you’re not as hot as you think

The male Dove spoof ad with the tagline: ‘Men. You’re Less Beautiful Than You Think’ is obviously a joke, but is there some truth to this theory? The original ad that immediately went viral and its spoof version both used an FBI-trained forensic artist to sketch strangers. In the Dove version the women focused on their flaws, while the men saw themselves as movie-star handsome. Sadly the girls saw¬† something ‘straight out of Mordor’. [. . .]

The Craigslist Creeps


Most seasoned single women in search of housing have come across ads posted by Craigslist creeps. These are the ones that seem too good to be true by offering ‘free rent’ – until you notice that the rest of the title reads ‘for female only’. Now there’s a new twist. Many of the lusty landlords aren’t satisfied with just sex for rent – they want maid service and cooking too. And their demands are getting more and more bizarre…[. . .]

Will random Facebook stalking become the new drunk dialing?


From my test drive of Facebook’s new Graph Search feature: ‘One Facebook executive used finding a spicy meal in San Francisco as an example search.Seriously? If I want barbecued rib recommendations I can go to Yelp. I wanted help with a much more elusive query: “Where are the single men in Manhattan?” [. . .]

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