Are teachers hot for sugar daddies? The Love Detective goes undercover

A website that pairs wealthy men with younger single women has claimed that 51,043 teachers have signed up in search of extra income. According to, the average teacher on the site is 28 to 33 and asks for $3,000 per month in financial assistance. To find out why so many teachers are being tempted I posed as ‘Anna’, a 29-year-old PhD candidate and educator. [. . .]

The new Internet dating rules

In its third survey of more than 5,000 singles, dating website found that 48per cent of women admit that they research a first date on Facebook. An almost equal number expect to know a man’s work status before their first meeting.However, 49per cent of men believe that practice of pre-screening is ‘ unacceptable.’ [. . .]

Mail-order bride boom

Could a mail-order bride website become the new Fortune magazine reports that websites like AnastasiaDate are trying to shed the shady images of green card goldiggers and abusive American men in search of Stepford slaves. They have re-branded the mail-order bride business ‘premium international dating’.According to U.S. immigration statistics there were roughly 200 international marriage broker agencies in 1999 that coordinated between 4,000 and 6,000 marriages. By 2010, there were twice as many agencies – and 10,000 and 15,000 couples tying the knot. [. . .]

What to wear on a first date: Men vs. Women

A casting agent for Vogue has opened up about how her date, a 49-year-old Goldman Sachs lawyer, told her that she wasn’t showing enough skin. He said ‘you should have worn a skirt,’ she writes on her blog Tales of Endearment. ‘This wasn’t meant as a joke. He continued to complain about my lack of skin until we left the restaurant.’ According to her date, wearing a short skirt was ‘the only way to tell the guy is a “James Bond”‘ because ‘if he can keep his cool while you’re sitting there flaunting your goods, he’s a real man.’ Joos’ story should be viewed as a cautionary tale about how differently men and women view first date attire. Like Joos, many women go into dates with a feeling of being ‘helpless and desperate to please.’ [. . .]

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