In addition to the identity of the man on the grassy knoll and the location of Jimmy Hoffa’s body, armchair sleuths have found a new viral mystery to ponder: Who really baked the “Sorry I Tased You” cake?

The drama started last week when The Pensacola News-Journal reported that Stephanie Byron filed a civil lawsuit in federal court alleging that a former Escambia County deputy discharged a stun gun into her chest and neck without provocation in July of 2015. According to court documents the deputy, Michael Wohlers, later attempted to apologize by sending Byron a cake with “Sorry I Tased You” written in blue frosting.

But after the story went viral and was reported by news outlets around the globe, some eagle-eyed Internet sleuths began to question the cake’s credibility.

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Botox and Body Language

Many detectives are trained to identify micro-expressions and body language, but being a ‘human lie detector’  can be complicated – especially in cities like LA, where Botox is everywhere. I recently wrote a piece for PI Magazine in which I posed the question: “How can investigators read expressions when everyone’s face is frozen?”


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THE ATLANTIC: Learning to fight Sherlock Holmes style

It’s sundown at a small park in Burbank and I’m dressed in head-to-toe black, carrying a big stick and ready to street fight, Sherlock Holmes style. I’m not exactly a ninja—the closest I’ve been to hand-to-hand combat was fighting over the last cupcake at Thanksgiving. But even so, I have signed up to learn bartitsu, the esoteric and gentlemanly Victorian art of self defense. Before I chicken out I spot my instructor, Matt Franta, a dapper gentleman in a three-piece suit.

Franta’s bio describes him as an actor, fight choreographer, and stunt performer with black belts in tae kwon do and hapkido as well as experience in karate, judo, fencing, and kickboxing. He’s also a member of the International Knife Throwers Association.

Bartitsu was developed by Edward Barton-Wright, a British engineer who moved to Japan in 1895. After returning to London, just before the turn of the century, he created a mixed martial art hybrid, combining elements of judo, jujitsu, British boxing, and fighting with a walking stick.



Craigslist Creep of the Week

RAZOR RESIDENCEWhen I clicked on this ad for a 38-year-old ‘Young Successful Sugar Daddy’ in San Clemente seeking a ‘younger female for discreet friendship and some XXX fun’, I immediately thought that the picture of his home looked familiar. It turned out that I had seen the house before – in the movie Iron Man!

After a few clicks through the trusty Google Images search, I saw that his house is actually the Razor residence, the palatial 11,000 square foot home in La Jolla that was reportedly the inspiration for Tony Stark’s pad in Iron Man. So far construction costs have come to over $34 million.

Here is more info and pictures of the home via Miss Swiss.

The home Architectural Digest named Wallace E Cunningham is one of the top 100 designers; one look at the Razor residence and you’ll see why. Razor sits on a hilltop that just so happens to be above Torrey Pines State Reserve, a coastal state park.




If you are a woman in your 20’s who still wants to take a chance, our Craigslist Romeo has a few requests: 
1) I’m not into drama – you shouldn’t be either.2) you don’t have to be the sexiest in the world as long as your fit and take care of yourself3) please don’t wast my time if your not serious4) reply with a picture and bit about yourself otherwise sorry you won’t get a response

5) mention your birth year in the subject line, so I know your for real and not the millions of camgirls and spammers

6) must have a personality

7) Don’t waste your time if your a pro… I wasn’t born yesterday

8) I am only looking for one clean gal..not looking to sleep around

Oh, and he would ‘like to get to know someone first through email exchanges’. . . so don’t ask to see his house! 


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