Young journalist Catherine Townsend moves to London to start a new life with her amazing British boyfriend. But when he dumps her – via email – before her plane touches down at Heathrow, she finds herself literally kicked to the curb. Jobless, homeless and on the rebound, Catherine embarks on a series of wild, erotic and often hilarious erotic encounters…and turns them into a cult dating column for The Independent newspaper.

Along the way she learns the difference between US and UK versions of ‘monogamy’, the going rate of male escorts, which dildos are dishwasher friendly, and the etiquette of sex parties (Rule No 1: Don’t Discuss politics. Or plastic surgery.) Her ‘relationship research’ leads her to the most thrilling adventures of her life. And she writes about them all: The good, the bad and the gnaw-your-arm-off-at-the-elbow ugly.

But can she combine sleeping around with searching for a soul mate?

“Sexy, confident and brimming with attitude” – COSMOPOLITAN

“She’s frank. She’s funny. And she doesn’t mind admitting she’s filthy too.” – THE INDEPENDENT


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