May 2, 2013 catherinetownsend

What to wear on a first date: Men vs. Women

A casting agent for Vogue has opened up about how her date, a 49-year-old Goldman Sachs lawyer, told her that she wasn’t showing enough skin. He said ‘you should have worn a skirt,’ she writes on her blog Tales of Endearment. ‘This wasn’t meant as a joke. He continued to complain about my lack of skin until we left the restaurant.’ According to her date, wearing a short skirt was ‘the only way to tell the guy is a “James Bond”‘ because ‘if he can keep his cool while you’re sitting there flaunting your goods, he’s a real man.’ Joos’ story should be viewed as a cautionary tale about how differently men and women view first date attire. Like Joos, many women go into dates with a feeling of being ‘helpless and desperate to please.’ [. . .]

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