Are teachers hot for sugar daddies? The Love Detective goes undercover

A website that pairs wealthy men with younger single women has claimed that 51,043 teachers have signed up in search of extra income. According to, the average teacher on the site is 28 to 33 and asks for $3,000 per month in financial assistance. To find out why so many teachers are being tempted I posed as ‘Anna’, a 29-year-old PhD candidate and educator. [. . .]

Evolution Says We’re All Sluts

I tested this theory via exhaustive hands-on research and now the Daily Mail reports that science is backing me up: According to evolution, we’re all sluts. TED lecturer Christopher Ryan told a conference that we are all built to be promiscuous, adding ‘we need to move beyond men are from Mars and women are from Venus’. He compared humans to chimps and bonobos who are promiscuous and have sex to bond as well as reproduce. While monogamy has now become an accepted way of life, we haven’t lost our primal urges are to be promiscuous. Or as Ryan phrases it: ‘Just because you have chosen to be a vegetarian, doesn’t mean that bacon stops smelling good.’

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