Baby, or burrito?

Want to avoid the ‘Am I going to be the father of a baby, or a burrito?’ conversation through lawyers? Don’t automatically believe anyone who claims to be on the Pill, have had a vasectomy, be infertile, or otherwise magically unable to conceive. Protect yourself until you are ready for parenthood!

Sex Tapes 101


In my upcoming interview for More magazine on sex tape tips, I spent a few minutes discussing how to hide or completely erase the porn off my hard drive, but honestly, I think that great lighting is more important than great technique. Because that sex tape that ‘definitely got erased’ has a way of coming back–usually at the worst possible time. Like while you are running for political office, have just taken that new teaching job at the prep school, or like Kim Kardashian, during your fairy tale wedding. The bottom line? If you make a sex tape now, be ready for your world premiere someday.

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