Case Study: Prince Charming

Girls grow up dreaming about finding their Prince Charming, but taking an adult look at our favorite fairy tales illustrates the importance of a pre-marital background check. As an investigator I need to verify (at a minimum) identity, marital status, financial information, and moral character for my client, Cinderella. How much does she know about her knight in shining armor? And what really happens to princesses after they ride off into the sunset?

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How to Date Like a Detective: Follow The Evidence


A detective’s ultimate responsibility is to find, document, and present the ‘true facts’ of the case. Don’t bend your case to fit your theories of what ‘should’ happen.The day I started applying my private investigator manual to my love life, everything changed. How many times have you watched CSI and seen a great cop get burned because he decides early on that a suspect is ‘his guy’? His focus on catching his man makes him blind to the evidence presented later. Read more

Goals of the Investigation

These should be listed on your intake form. What do you hope to accomplish? Casual sex? A fling? A booty call? Long-term relationship? Marriage? Children? One more beer? Whatever your goal, the key is to be honest with the person you are dating.

But first, you have to be honest with yourself.

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