TCSM: Technical Surveillance Counter Measures are used to detect illegal electronic surveillance devices for businesses, government agencies or domestic protection. We can sweep a home office, vehicle, car and phone for illegal electronics.

CUSTOMIZED CONSULT: The Townsend Agency prides itself on coming up with unique solutions for our clients that are creative and comprehensive, while at the same time ethical and legal. Are you in a tough situation, but not sure if a private investigator can help? Call or email today to set up a consultation.

LEGAL INVESTIGATIONS: Civil and criminal investigations can get complicated, and attorneys often find that they need a partner to help efficiently gather facts and offer litigation support in order to strengthen the case. Our experienced team of investigators will pore over the evidence in your case. We can add to your team in a variety of ways, including the collection and preservation of evidence, interviewing and/or re-interviewing witnesses and procuring expert testimony.

MISSING PERSONS: Are you trying to find a lost loved one, but hitting a dead end with Google, Facebook and online pay databases? Sometimes when older adults or ‘runaway’ teens drop off the radar, law enforcement requires a waiting period before investigating. Whether you are trying to track down adoption records, locate witnesses, find deadbeat dads or even track down missing pets, we will make your case our priority. If you are searching for someone who owes an old debt, we combine cutting-edge technology and apps with old-fashioned detective work to help you locate them.

PROCESS SERVICE: If the Sheriff or a professional Process Server has failed to effect service, our team of agents and affiliates can locate and serve evasive or violent subjects.

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