PRE-MARITAL BACKGROUND INVESTIGATIONS:  Don’t you wish that Google had a ‘character check’ button? Our agents can help you come as close as humanly possible through our pre-marital background checks. We specialize in filtering through information to get a complete picture of a subject’s true identity, marital status (via a multi-state check), financial and employment history, and character. When appropriate, we offer several specialized services including Wingwoman and Catfish Check. Google is amazing, but there is no substitute for high-level human intelligence. Find out more about  our unique Character Analysis here.

DIVORCE SUPPORT: Are you going through a divorce, and need to find money that may be hidden in corporate accounts, real property transfers, trusts, or foreign bank accounts? Our agents will work with you to determine how much money is potentially being hidden, and a cost-effective way to find it. Divorce is often a devastating and highly emotional time. An objective third party can help research and support your case in a variety of ways. We offer a highly customized service, and search sources including:

  • Real property in California and around the nation
  • Surveillance
  • Comprehensive profile of family members and associates
  • Mortgage and equity information
  • Bankruptcy filings
  • Foreclosures
  • Foreign bank accounts
  • Federal court searches
  • Interviews
  • Vehicles, water and aircraft
  • Previous divorce filings and settlements
  • UCC filings
  • Federal and state tax liens
  • Real property of friends, relatives and/or associates
  • Probate



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