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Confessions from the Blow-dry bar

Gregory Patterson, lead educator at Blow, explains that many women charge their blowouts to separate credit cards from the husbands'. . . for a variety of reasons

WOMEN WHO SPILL THEIR GUTS IN THE CHAIR BEWARE: A stylist at one of New York’s leading blow-dry bars has revealed that for many of his clients, the blow-dry bar washes away their dirty secrets. ‘I get women ready for dates – and I get them ready to go back to their husbands,’ Gregory Patterson tells Allure magazine. He says he can easily spot the 7am clients making a pit stop during walks of shame.

He also confesses that early morning is his busiest time – and the women sitting his chair at 7am are often party girls who haven’t been to bed yet.

Mr Patterson explains that he’s learned that most women keep an extra set of heels, change of clothes and an entire make-up kit at the office.

‘She’ll be in my chair, asking a coworker to pull her blouse out and get the coffee going,’ he says.

Of course, he has also helped many women prepare for job interviews, and given them good hair for their life-changing moments.

He tells the story of one client who came in and wanted so much movement and volume that he had to cut her hair to give her the look she wanted.

Some women have become totally dependent on the blow-dry bar to the point where their habit has become almost an obsession.

Mr Patterson confesses that at least one of his clients no longer owns shampoo.

Instead, she shows up every single day for her 8am blowout.

‘The women freak out when they go on vacation,’ he confesses, adding that one clients came back from a 17-day beach trip with sand in her hair.

Another customer came in three times in one day: She showed up in the morning before brunch, again to get her hair curled for a lunch date and a final time to get an updo before a night out.

His pet peeves include women who, he says, don’t know what they want and give him confusing instructions like ‘messy but not too messy’ or ‘volume but not too big.’

Mr Patterson also admits  that he is sick of the signature blowout with big, bouncy Kim Kardashian curls.

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